Ponton is for and by a new generation of designers and design professionals for whom international cooperation, knowledge sharing, sustainability, dialogue and trust are central. At Ponton, extremes must be able to find each other, whereby we can discuss the value of each other’s visions. We share this with a wide audience that is interested in how we as a new generation view the future, through design. With Ponton we form the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow.


A ‘ponton’ is a floating platform and a bridge between different worlds. Worlds that can consist substantially of different materials, are each other’s opposite, or are just complementary. A ‘ponton’ provides the ability to move from one world to another, thus making connections, with the primary purpose of supporting what is on it.


Ponton offers talented and driven designers a platform with which they can discuss and share their ambitions, doubts, successes and failures. In doing so, we start from the fragility of their process and we create opportunities across various disciplines. Ponton takes shape in continuous dialogue to provide a platform for the diversity of design and different generations of designers.


Ponton shows the diversity of design and wants to increase the debate about the context of design. We hope to inspire designers, critics, artists, companies, organisations,… and to give an idea of ​​what design can be. We embrace the multifaceted nature of design and approach the individuality of the discipline. With an open mind, Ponton shows more than text publications and investigates the duality between the lightness of a magazine and that of a sustainably printed object.

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